Monday, July 15, 2013


Today,  I want to use my favorite thing, GIFs, to show you all who my TV BFFs would be.

If they were real.

Sometimes, I'm watching these shows and I hear characters say things, and I'm like, "Damn, I need a person like that in my life!" or "Wow, let's have a sleepover now and braid each other's hair and drink wine coolers and eat brownies."

Except, I mean Lucille Bluth would totally make us all throw up after we had brownies.  But then she would totally help us freeze Liz Lemon's bra.  (K am I the only one out there who ever did that/had that happen to her at middle school sleepovers?!)

Lucille Bluth.

That's just good policy.

Liz Lemon.  I could do a whole post on this one alone.

Zero tolerance zone.

Leslie Knope.

I regularly make outrageous yet harmless threats about things.  And no apologies for that either, don't cut me off in the left lane on 59!

Cameron Tucker

Ok, could not find a gif of this.  But, 'nuff said. 

Tom Haverford and Donna Meagle.

I need more enabling friends to let me buy cashmere slippies.

Blair Waldorf

Blair's one-liners are aspirational!

Dr. Mindy Lahiri

Um, when haven't we all fallen asleep watching a movie we are "supposed" to love and then woke up only to find that we have spilled either A) our booze, B) our melted ice cream, or C) BOTH all over ourselves.

Sidenote, one time in college I fell asleep eating chicken tenders with BBQ sauce, woke up in the morning, and DEF thought I was bleeding somewhere. 

Nurse Morgan Tookers

Um, everyone needs a Morgan in their life.  A roundabout, hilarious and a little-bit-off reformed car thief to dialogue with. 

And finally, DJ ROOMBA!

Oh, what? Doesn't everyone want a Roomba that doubles as a DJ as a BFF4Lyfe??

Also, select Real Housewives of OC, BH, ATL, NYC, and NJ.

But that's for another day.

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