Monday, July 29, 2013

Happy Birthday Husband!

Today is Bryan's birthday and I am so happy that I can post my plans for him, FINALLY!

I have been keeping it all a big secret to everyone except my parents, and now it can be revealed because he actually knows some of it now!

It all started with a go golfing. I was just going to book him a tee time and send him on his merry way, but then it evolved...into something much better.

Two of our friends clued me into the fact that he would probably like to play at Tour 18 up in Humble, (silent H, everyone.), and that we could go as a foursome and use a gift cert. one of the guys had...the only catch was everyone (read: me and the two boys) getting off work for today because Bryan already had off.

Oh, and using the gift certificate for a day other than Monday-Thursday, which are the only days it was good for! 

Conveniently, I work in Humble day in and day out, so I drove down to the course one afternoon on lunch and spoke with the manager, who agreed to let us play later in the morning if I paid for our cart fees.

And so, the great birthday surprise was on!

Last night, I let Bryan go to bed thinking I had to work again this morning, and I am waking him up (maybe I already have woken him up?) with the surprise that the two of us are actually going golfing!

Oh wait, Sara, I thought you said there were four?  There are.  He won't know about the guys coming until we get to the course and they magically appear!


So happy birthday, husband! I love you so much, and can't wait to share many more birthdays with you!!

Ps did I mention this will be my first time golfing since high school??

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