Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Slacking Much?

I've been slacking big time on the blog.

I know, every blog out there has "this" post.  But I have been, and it's crappy, so I want to acknowledge it for whoever is left in my readership!

It's not even so much about my lack of posting, but my grave inability to keep up with other blogs I LOVE and adore, and comment on them as frequently as I would like.

I swear up and down that I have NOT forgotten about any of you, especially the ladies who grace my sidebar, it's just been one hell of a start to summer.

The blog is not the only place I've been slacking.  I actually think work is the only place I have not been slacking at.

Here is the proof:

1.  I got an iPhone5 approximately a month ago.  I haven't put any music on it, or uploaded pics from it to my computer.

2.  We ate frozen pizza two nights consecutively for dinner during the week last month.

3.  I haven't unpacked all of my shoes from our move.

4.  We had to kill a cockroach in the bathroom the other night.  And by we, I mean Bryan, and no, this isn't relevant, just wanted to re-share that.

5.  I have THREE bottles of wine we bought like two weeks ago that are just pretty decorations in the wine rack for now.

6.  I don't know the last time I dusted our living room.  No wonder I'm all sneezy and congested.

Honestly, part of me feels like I lost a little bit of my momentum with blogging, and so for now, I'm going to be posting mostly about my half marathon training, our weekends, BARLEY (duh.), and of course the occasional recipe.  I actually do have a great DIY lined up to share, as well as a ton of pins I want thoughts on!

So pretty please, stick it out with me everyone!


  1. whatevs, I'm just gonna text you stupid pictures of myself

  2. get it together, woman! ;) kidding. life happens.

  3. Umm eating frozen pizza is slacking? Oops! Don't worry- you haven't lost me!

  4. HA! I love this post! I'm a relatively new reader and hooked - you won't be losing me anytime soon!

    xo caro | the caro diaries

  5. sometimes life just gets in the way! I'm having a hard time keeping up too, and I'm still a newbie! :)

  6. We all go through that, you're so right. But no time for wine? You need to get on that. Before getting back to blogging. Your sanity might need it.


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