Monday, July 8, 2013

The Weekender :: Vol. 9

Ok, so here's what we've been up to over the last few days.   Honestly, it was pretty uneventful, but I think that's what weekends are for-doing absolutely nothing.

Went out for a delightful run/walk on the Fourth of July while it was still cool in the morning.  I ended up getting a total of three miles in under the 88 degree sun. I had sort of forgotten how much I love running outside, so I'm going to ambitiously try to do these more often, plus I just feel it more the next day! 

More to come on half marathon training soon.

We really didn't do a whole lot on the fourth---grilled ourselves some turkey dogs (me) and Italian sausages (him).  We ended up playing with pup, creeping on the pool (it was packed with a college party), and turning off all of the lights to watch fireworks on tv.  Maibs it's lame, but I had to work at 8 on Friday and couldn't totally get home at 11:30 from fireworks and try and get my sorry self up on Friday.

Oh you know, this is how Barley slept Friday night, right between us, stretched out, diagonally. Totes normal.

Gym-ed it up Saturday morning/afternoon.  Got a solid cardio in on this weird elliptical/stepping machine I haven't used before, but was ok.  Probs would just go back to interval walks or the regular elliptical next time.  I know this one looks lame, but I was on level 6 working it, so I was sweating something fierce after it.  

K so then I went to my friend's beautiful pool for a few hours and enjoyed some of these ridic tasty beverage and lots of gabbing.

Bryan had promised me steak for dinner. (yeah guys, this is like my 8th steak this month, whatever.)  So we grilled NY strips, and I caramelized some 'shrooms and onions and made fresh green beans. All I can say is yum.  We also put down a bottle of red.

After dinner we took the wine party out to the balcony.

Must be our dog, trying to get in our wine!

Showdown with Dad.

We also watched Identity Thief  on Saturday night and I'm happy to report it was really funny and definitely worth a watch!  I also maybe stayed up a little late to start watching the Jodi Arias movie on Lifetime...sorry I'm not.  It is ridiculous.  Gentlemen, avoid psychos. 

Sunday night--more Skinnygirl Grapefruit Margarita!  Yum.  We grilled again---thanks, summer--and had these delicious pork bundles I will be posting this week that are one of our favorites!


  1. Those margarita's sound so good! And there is NOTHING wrong with that many steaks...if we had a grill, I would live on steak. Favorite food.

  2. Barley is getting so big already! He's so effing cute. Also love the stirrers and straws! used mine this weekend too!

  3. Mmm grapefruit! That sounds good!! The little glitter heart stirrer, too cute. I love Barley going for the wine, Hawkeye does the same thing.

  4. you say 8 steaks like it is a bad thing. i love steak!

  5. that dog is adorbs! Skinny Girl cocktails are the reason I love life a little more each day! ;)

  6. The Jodi Arias movie was so bad I couldn't stop watching. But, I started watching from the middle, so I think I need to watch the beginning to see the build-up to crazy.

  7. Love that stirrer! Sounds like a relaxing but fun weekend :)


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