Friday, August 30, 2013

Fast Week & A Long Weekend {5 for Friday}

1. Barley got fixed this week! I wouldn't usually be so excited about our puppy having surgery, but this is really for the best obviously. He came through like a champ! The worst part was probably for us, I felt so sad Thursday morning sending him off with Bryan. And he couldn't have his breakfast either, so he was a little cranky! But seriously, how cute is this picture?

2.  Today I'm working a charity golf tournament for work, so I'm working but I'd say that's a pretty easy Friday!

3.  Barley and I had a great walk pre-snip snip and he is really getting better about being outside and meeting new people.

4.  We got Zoe's Kitchen for dinner Wednesday. Nom mom kabobs and Greek salads! 

5.  My sinus infection is basically gone! Hallelujah!

Wow this week was super boring. Sorry guys, I will try to actually so something this weekend!  We have no major plans which is awesome.  I love the casual possibility of plans without the expectation of having to show up somewhere.  

Monday night I'm closing out Houston Restaurant Weeks with a couple lady friends at Mockingbird, super excited!  I have never been and the menu looks delish!  Other than that, maybe some pool time and a couple runs to get back on track! 

What are your big plans for the long weekend?! 


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