Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Champs, Good Meals & New Puppy Ears {long weekend success!}

Welcome back to reality from that beautiful long weekend everyone!  We had such a relaxing weekend, honestly I am dreading being back to real life today, and I'm sure most of you feel the same way.

This weekend was mostly about drinking only champagne, and eating lots of delish food, most of which we made ourselves.  So without more b.s. introductory remarks, here is our weekend.

I worked Friday, and I'm using the term "worked" pretty lightly.  My company was having a charity golf tournament that I volunteered at all day, and there was a mimosa dispenser.  So, yeah.

Also discovered this fun fact on Friday, Barley has two different ears now:

Wednesday is pre snip-snip happening, and Friday is post snip-snip.   Is it possible that being snipped has changed his ears? I will be delving into puppy pics, because I think both ears used to be like the one on the right, and then both went back and cropped a little and now they are both different. 

After a warm day at the golf course for me and just a rough week in general for Bryan, he came home and announced that we should go out for dinner, specifically Italian.  So we decided to try Prego, a new place for us.
It went as follows:
1.  A delish bottle of red that was 70% Sangiovese, 30% Cabernet.  2.  My meal-steak per usual, duh guys.  We all know I literally can't resist steak at all. 3.  THIS WAS MY 25TH ITALIAN RESTAURANT CHECK-IN ON FOURSQUARE.  Twenty. Five. Different Italian restaurants.  Omg we are Italian food lushes.  4.  Bryan go some type of seafood fettuccine.  He said it was delish.  

Saturday was pretty chilled out--we had a nice morning family walk, I ran and rolled my right ankle (sweet.) .56 miles in (thanks Nike app.) so that kinda sucked, but the rest of the day made up for it in that we did basically nothing.  I ended up going shopping to buy some presents to send  for my friend in Chicago's baby shower that is next weekend.  And then I went to Half-Price Books and scored big time!

$13 ladies & gents.  For approx. $53 worth of books.  HARDCOVER Freedom, people.  

Part of my 30 for 30 list is about reading more books again (I was a huge reader through part of college and then I got busy with life.)  and trying to read books I wouldn't normally pick up.  So out of this stack, I would say Gone With the Wind and Freedom are two of those--a classic & a book that was so popular I wanted to avoid it.  So we'll see.  I'm 200 pages into Nineteen Minutes and about 20 pages into GWTW.  

Umm so obviously I rewarded myself with some champppsss for my efforts in book shopping!

Then we grilled maybe one of our best summer meals yet:
Cheddar-Jalapeno Chicken Burgers (with bacon on top, because yes.)
Sweet potato fries
Bacon-wrapped jalapeno poppers (homemade, not from HEB although you know I considered it.)

Here it is in all of it's finished glory:

Chicken burgers are my favorite & HEB grinds its own boneless, skinless chicken breasts so I love knowing it's freshly ground chicken.  The other grocery store *cough Kroger cough* does not do this. (I like Kroger too, no grocery store discrimination, but HEB dominates when it comes to produce and meat.)

So Sunday I have really no pictures of--another nice "family walk" in the morning, then we went to breakfast at a Black Walnut Cafe and decided we prefer Buffalo Grille.  Ain't nobody got time for a cold pancake, BWC!!!

After that, we relaxed around home, I ran a couple errands, and then Bryan made us crunchwrap (like Taco Bell crunchwraps, yes) rip-offs that are at least somewhat healthier than the real-deal.  Naturally, in true blogging fail-fashion, no picture!

I wrapped up my weekend with my blogger fantasy football draft! I did the whole thing myself and I'm pretty proud of it!  More about that for Fan Friday this week, but needless to say I'm pretty happy that I had first pick and was able to secure Adrian Peterson!

this is my fantasy picture.  AP living it up with Blue Bell (the best ice cream ever, TEXAS WHAT?!) after his knee surgery on New Year's Eve.  

As much as I obviously hate the Vikings, all-day AP was a big win for the Luckness Monster.  I also have Andrew Luck, haha, get it.  Let's start a count of how many times I change my team name this year.  So far this is name #2.  Armed Rodgery was my first, but I don't have A-Rodg and I feel like your name should be about a player you have.  Or something funny from The League.  I'm still considering switching to "Password is Taco" or "Carmenjello".

Only time will tell!

Hoping everyone had a great weekend/long weekend/extra-long nap days!

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