Thursday, August 29, 2013

Pinterest Obsessions {for a home we don't have.}

One of my biggest life obsessions now is looking at houses for us to buy.  Oh, but are we even in the market?  Nope!  We are saving, saving, saving, though and hoping that a year from now we will be ready to go for it.  So in the meantime, I spent a lot of time on which is seriously the greatest site for Houston realty oogling houses that we aren't going to buy!

Is it a little sad?  Maybe.   It is a lot of fun though?  Yes.  Based off of all of this, we have determined that there are a couple things we will definitely be changing on most homes that are in our price range:

1. Floors, 2. Kitchen updates, 3. Crown molding, 4. Paint/Walls, 5.  Outdoor areas

You guys, what is a girl to do when imagining her home?  Go to Pinterest.  In the same way that some plan fake weddings, imagine baby nurseries, or travel the world on Pinterest, I obsessively pin home ideas, room flips, outdoor areas I love, paint colors, palettes for rooms, etc., etc., etc.  So here we go with some of my favorite inspirational home pins:

So out of all of my pins here, my favorite is maybe the crate coffee table/storage idea. Bryan and I have basically decided we will be doing that in our future home, we both love it so much! What's your most recent pinning obsession?

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