Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Favorite Running Jamz {for now.}

For me, a big part of a successful run is music that keeps me interested and moving!  So today I thought I would post up some of my fav running jamz (always with a z, yes.) as of lately!

I pretty much switch my music up constantly because if I get too comfortable with it then I feel like I know the times of each song, and this start mentally timing myself and know how far I'm going.

For me the goal is to trick myself into not knowing how long a song is, and then I don't pace myself based on length! I actually love techno and mixes from Girl Talk for this reason, but didn't include them on this list because those are almost always in my rotation.

Here we go: 

Ok so I love Miley and I love this song, and the video is weird and great, and I love listening to it when I run because duh, not gonna stop!

I feel like this song was crazy popular and then I never heard it again...well truth be told, we were out one night and had So. Much. Fun. dancing to this together so I always think of that when I'm running and it takes my mind off of  what I'm doing.

Lana, Lana, Lana! Sort of picks up tempo and pumps me up!

Do the D A N C E 12345! All Justice is great to run to, enough said. 

This beat just keeps me moving. I think this is what Miley would agree is a "bangerz."  I could repeat this forever when I'm out there.  

RIP run, just killed it! 

Ummm I love some Bey for a run.  This song especially because it's crazy upbeat and I like to mentally sing the countdown part of the song to myself, like a straight up weirdo. 

If you see someone running around Hermann Park mumbling and rapping to herself while looking kinda spastic, it's definitely me!  So say hi and ask me hat I'm listening to!

What's your favorite workout song right now?! 







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