Monday, August 19, 2013

That Time We Drove All Night {casino fun.}

Oh...casinos.  We are not huge gamblers.  Like 90% of the time, I would rather buy new clothes, go out to dinner, save for a trip, etc.  But sometimes you gotta say, "Screw it, let's go to Louisiana and gamble our faces off!!!"

Which is what we did this weekend.  Well, specifically Saturday night.  To summarize how I expected my casino experience to go, here is a tidbit of a text convo I sent to my friend Nippy (that's her codename, don't worry):
Clearly there is some bad history doing casino nights amongst our group of friends.  

We left for LA around 8, and got to the casino about 11. 

After withdrawing all of savings (kidding), we decided to start with roulette...Bryan actually killed it for a while, and finished with an extra $50.

FINALLY we got some adult bevvies, and I almost died a let's not act like this place was a palace or anything, but I have not had well vodka in a long time.  Can anyone answer me as to how we choked down bottle after bottle of gross bottom-shelf vodka in college?  

Also, how frizzy was my hair??

As you can see, I switched to beer pretty quickly after that experience.  

Again w the hair frizz, wow.

Beer is my safety zone, I never really notice if it's bad (compared to Bryan who legitimately RETURNS beers at bars and says, "this has gone bad."  The plus on this embarrassing move is that if they question him, he gets to patiently explain that his job is to know how beer tastes, and if it's good or bad.  Sometimes he will even tell them their tap is probably dirty!!! FUN, and not at all mortifying for me.)  Great tangent there! back at the casino, we decided to switch to blackjack.  And by blackjack I mean the $5 minimum table a couple of our other friends were at.  I sat down with my $60 (high roller, whhhat?) and seriously played for about an hour and half, maybe longer, and only lost like $5.  Sweet.  

Also, it turns out that at the tables, they don't give you gross well vodka.  So that made me happy.  

Around 2:30 am-ish, we were sort of even, one of friends was up $450, and the rest were even or wayyy down, so we decided to call it a night, and casually drive back to Houston.  Around 3:30 there was an obvious McDonald's stop somewhere in BFN Louisiana, and all were happy because both breakfast and the regular menu were available!  I stayed up most of the ride and kept Bryan company while he drove, and we got home shortly after 6 am, just when Barley was ready for breakfast!  

Sooo overall, really fun casino experience!  Next time I would seriously just post at that blackjack table and go with it all night, it was so much fun!  

And on top of that, can I get an Amen for having a TDI now?  We drove there and back without getting gas, and cruised at 42 yes.  

So do any of y'all love to gamble or casually hang at casinos and drink the free booze?!

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