Monday, August 12, 2013

The Weekender {vol. 13}

Such a fun and busy weekend for us.  Lots of eating, touring, and hanging out!

Friday night we went to Pappasito's for dinner and of course I got this delish blackberry marg tequila creation again!

Um I also ordered this insane combination meal-pork tamale, cheese with chili con carne enchiladas, and a crispy beef taco! I hate like half of each and then just about died.

Saturday we drove out to Galveston, and spent the first half of the day shopping on the Strand. I found like 10 maxi dresses I would have bought were it not for something called "a budget" and "saving for a home."  Boooo.  

However, I did get some really great bracelets that I think are knock offs of ones I've seen at like Nordstrom, but whatever: 

Annnnd here is a blue tree to raise awareness of conservation because of Hurricane Ike (I think?)

We were all set to take my mother in law to an awesome seafood place so she could get something delicious and fresh, but then we saw this Mediterranean place and got hooked on the idea of a Greek salad:
Umm yes I got mine with gyro meat. No shame!

K so then we ended our day with a tour of the Bishop's Palace, I will let the photos speak for themselves:

Gorgeous! We grilled some dinner up, had some wine, and then everyone was pretty much exhausted from a long day!

Sunday, Sunday!! We went to Buffalo Grille for brunch, and omelettes and breakfast burritos abounded.

After that we headed to the zoo.


Oh hi sad zebra, let's be friendssss!

Crazy giraffe all splayed out!  They have like 400 giraffes, it's great!

Sea lion getting a drinky drink!

Sunday night we grilled again, and then ended up going to Dessert Gallery for some cake!  I got the "chip off the old block" which was white cake with chocolate chips and dark chocolate ganache.  yeah. and Bryan and his mom both got the Italian cream cake. 

A little HGTV later and we were all done for after two full days of walking, talking, eating and drinking!

What was your highlight of the weekend? Hope everyone had a great one!









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