Friday, August 9, 2013

Five on Friday {what a week.}

Sooo happy Friday everyone!! 

We have had a crazy week, but in a good way! Bryan's mom is staying with us and having a little vacation, and it's going to be a fun weekend playing tourist in Houston and showing her around!  I actually feel semi confident that we know what we're doing here now and can actually guide peeps around a bit! 

Onto the FIVE!

1.  Oh hi perfect German Chocolate cake I made! & happy birthday again Bryan! 

2.  I am happy to share that The League on FX will be back in just ONE month!  

Seems muy trivial, but for real got me excited!! 

3.  Oh hi Internet! What's that? More amazing news for me? About a PHILLIP LIM LINE AT TARGET? Omg dies. 

This bag is everything. I am in love and will make it mine for fall & winter.

4.   This pic is also everything, but in a less RZ, more adorable puppy snoozing on husband pic. I die a little inside over this. 

Sorry I'm not sorry that I'm a HUGE CREEP taking sleep pics. We all know he does it back because I've posted the evidence too. 

5.  I will never apologize for jamming to Mariah. But this song? I mean jamming doesn't cover the things that happen when I play it in the car while I'm driving solo.  

Cheers to the weekend everyone!  What was your jam this week?  Did you bake or cook anything amazing? Most importantly, did you take at least one creepy photo?! :) 

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