Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Weekend and 3/4 of the Week {lazy.}

Whhhhat? I'm supposed to post on my beautiful new site?? Ok. I know. Slacker ways.   Well good news is that I have a bunch of photos to share. Which is great news because we are currently hosting Bryan's mom for a week here and I have virtually no free time for the next week! 

Golf love last Friday! Read all about how I didn't suck at golf inMonday's post. 

Woooo wine!  Friday night we went out to dinner for Bryan's birthday. I promptly drank a bottle of wine to celebrate for him!  This was glass two.

Then I had a delicious steak! Yay for Churrasscos! Please note the three stems of glasses in front of me. 

Took a semi decent selfie before everything went to hell and I took a couple too many birthday drinks in honor of my husband!

Saturday we hauled up to our friend's pool party and took Barley! He frolicked off the leash and added three new girlfriends  to his book!  So now he has two black labs who are seven, and one boxer who is 6 months, plus a few from around the apartment area too! 

Playa puppy!

Saturday night we got to go out to dinner with my BFF's older brother and his fiancée who halfsie live here now!   We went to Cyclone Anaya's and I even managed to choke down a marg.  seriously delish food tho!

After we went to a few bars in Midtown and showed them around a bit! Seriously such a blast and I can't wait for both of them to be here permanently! 

Sunday is all summed up by this pic:


In other random news:

Barley is really starting to get big!

Beatles are ruling my commute to work this week.

We picked up "a little" BBQ  for my mother in law's first night here visiting last night! So out of control delicious. Always get grilled zucchini people!







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