Monday, August 5, 2013

I Don't Suck At Golf {yay!}

Sooo, Friday was Bryan's birthday and I surprised him with a round of 18 for the two of us and tow of his buddies!  We pulled into the lot at the golf course and he was shocked to see his friends there, win! 

Since I am basically exhausted from our amazingly fun and perf weekend, here is the part where I show you how fun golfing was via photos!

So here I am...ready to go and so scared and nervous!  Had not golfed since I was like almost 13 years I guess! Yikes.

Golf cart selfie time!

Then we casually rolled up on this hole and it had like 8 bunkers. What? Excuse you golf course? 

Luckily the cart girl rolled up and I got a beer to take the edge off. Which was good, because things got worse.

Oh ok, so I just hit it from land onto an island and life's great and everything is cool? Awesome.

I missed on that one, but I did clear the water on another one and land it on the green!  So I was pretty proud of that. We had a reallyyyy fun afternoon, and hopefully soon I will be getting my lady starter clubs and maybe even take a couple lessons! 

You can basically golf 360 days of the year here so I think it will be a perfect sport/hobby to take up! 

Anyone out there a golfer/would like to be one? I mean getting in it for the cute golf clothes is worth it alone! 

More on our weekend tomorrow! 




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