Wednesday, August 21, 2013

It's Friday & I'm So Excited {i'm so...scared.}

Do you like my Saved by the Bell reference friends?  Bad jokes are ok today, because it's Friday, and everything is better for just that fact alone.

This week was rough.  Work kinda crawled by, Barley is cutting his adult teeth (woof.), I have a sinus infection, and I think Bryan is still tired from driving back from the casino last weekend.   So needless to say, we weren't exactly "out and about" this week.  Still tho, here are the best five moments of the week:

1.& 2.  Lauren from Method to My Madness and I met up last night at Anvil in Midtown for cocktailllll hour.  Don't worry, I think this makes us real IRL friends now. 

I had a Pimm's Cup, she had the House Punch (why did I capitalize those??), and we both got the ridic pretzel with queso flameado. Um it was amazing.  And even better was our conversation about everything from family to work stuff to *gasp* husbands, and of course, blog world things.  

3.  You guys, if you aren't watching Orange is the New Black on Netflix, I want you to finish reading this post, drop everything else you have planned for today/tomorrow, and go watch.  

It's a hilarious/scary/thoughtful/well-written show based on a memoir of the same name (which I reallyyyy want to read), and it's about a woman who goes to jail for smuggling drugs in Europe for her ex-girlfriend who was also an expert heroin smuggler! And oh yeah, now she has a gentlemen fianc√© on the outside.  There are characters called Crazy Eyes, Tastee, and Pennsatucky. Just watch it. It's great.  

4.  This corn we grilled.  I know it seems simple & lame, but sometimes finding the little things in life is what it's all about.  Lauren, aren't you happy you beat out corn on this list?! ;)

5.  Bryan sneakily took this pic on my phone the other night, and it's great and our pup is adorable and he is just getting so big it's crazy. 

What was the best part of your week?! 


  1. LOVE your SBTB reference, and that you capitalized your drink names ...definitely had me laughing this morning, thank you!!

  2. Orange Is The New Black is SO good!! :D

  3. I can't wait for season 2 to come out! Not til 2014, waaaah.

  4. oh my lanta. the saved by the bell reference is how the bf and I rate our level of excitement for something...'i'm excited' 'yeah, but are you Jesse on caffeine pills excited?!'

  5. I need those cocktails and pretzels STAT.

    Seriously. It's been a horrid day.

    Coming by from the link up. Have a great weekend!

  6. I actually just saw advertised the book "Orange is the New Black" and was really intrigued. I don't think I get the show here in Canada though :(


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