Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Living With Mean Girl Face {i swear, i'm nice.}

I live with a syndrome called mean girl face. Or bitchface. Or for fans of Juno and Katrina de Voort or whatever her name was, that's just how my face looks!

 A couple weeks ago we were at the bars, and I was walking back to Bryan and our friends from the bathroom, and he goes, "oh no, what happened in there?" Umm...nothing, why? "Oh well your face just looks so angry and cranky and unimpressed!" "I have chronic bitchy face!!" They actually thought that was pretty funny.

And it is, but it got me thinking that people might be getting the wrong idea.  To confess, I have heard it before.  I have lots of good friends now who have said, "You looked soo mean, I definitely didn't think you'd be nice!"  or "I was scared to talk to you!"  So I looked into it on Facebook (of course)...and today I'm sharing a historical retrospective of my mean girl face (also lots of cool hairstyles and outfits I've had since birth):

 First? second? birthday. Bored. Lame. Not even crying! 

 In the full version of this pic, my big sister is holding one of our newborn cousins. Maybe I wasn't cool with that? 

Casual sass face at my grandparents' 50th anniversary party. 

Followed up by even better mean girl face when my mom was probably telling me to smile! 

 Between the hair wrap and my mean girl face and my vest (which, shut up, it was amazing.), it's a miracle I had as many friends as I did. No boyfriend in fourth grade though soooo... 

I I'd like to say I'm regretting my outfit in this photo...but I feel like it's mostly just me looking like me. Crank face and all.

 Pre-gaming a Badgers game in college. People are actually dancing around me and I'm just hanging out, looking like I hate the world. 

 Kites are HARD and make you look like a mean person.

 Can't even keep my face together at our engagement party! What is wronggg with me?! I'm also surrounded by booze. I should be thrilled. 

 Finally, I think we all know what is lurking under that ski mask, hood and those sunglasses. 

 100% mean girl, stink-face. In my defense, Chicago winters on the lake are bruuuutal! 

 K so now it's your turn to dish friends, do you have something you so that makes you seem the exact opposite of your personality?!

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