Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Weekender {a junk run, F21 & a sleepy pup.}

Let me start by saying that I hear it's back to school week here in Houston, so good luck to all of the teachers and students and parents out there!  I would actually love to be a teacher, so props to all of you!! I'm a little jealy.

Onto the weekend....!!

Saturday I basically took Barley for an extra long walk to wear him out a little--which resulted in me sending all of the below pics to Bryan, who was at work:

Honestly our weekend wasn't much to write about until Sunday when we went into hyper mode and got a ton of stuff done. 

We will start with my junk run in the morning.  I'm calling it a junk run because I hadn't run in seventeen days.  Um that's way too long.  I did have a pretty bad sinus infection for most of it, and since breathing is a big part of running...well you get the idea.

So I kinda sucked, but also got my fastest mile yet (that is still super slow)?  Win/lose?! 

During the junk run, Bryan was walking Barley, so we all finished his walk together and then he was exhausted again.  Sooo Bryan and I went out to breakfast and then the mall for jeans!

I loveeeee American Eagle skinny jeans. A lot.  So when they have 40% off everything I'm all, "yeahhhh I'm gonna buy all your jeans!" And instead I get one pair and Bryan gets two pairs of boy jeans. Fail.

I also got some tops at Forever 21 (right now, based on where I've shopped, y'all are like, does this girl think she's 17??)

A totally cute lace back t shirt that I'm not sure what to do with yet and a work appropriate shell with a fun pattern!

Soo after all that, I was gonna get my brows waxed, go grocery shopping, and go home!  Except then I ended up getting a mani pedi. Oops.

To round out the weekend I sent my love and hate into the twitter-verse re: the VMAs:

What about your weekend?! I'm hoping you had only awesome runs, and lots of fun reactions to the VMAs!  

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