Thursday, September 5, 2013

And So It Begins {football season to-do list}

Ahh football season!  It is officially upon us tonight.  After weeks of boring pre-season games where the starters barely play and idiots find ways to get injured, the real deal begins.

In honor of Broncos v. Ravens tonight, I wanted to share my football season "bucket list"....a/k/a how I plan on spending all of my Sundays through February.

1.  Have my beer supply ready and stocked.  Or wine, or liquor.  Whatever is needed to get through the ups & downs.  

Packers won the Super Bowl about 9 hours after this pic was taken.  So, chalk that one as an "up" moment.

2.  Filthy food recipes.  Stock up on them & try to eat in moderation so you don't need a Suh-sized jersey for the Super Bowl.

3. Thou shalt have team ATTIRE.  

One of my traditions each year is to buy a new piece of Packers apparel....this year I'm thinking a t-shirt of some sort because it's just too warm here through fall to wear a toasty hoodie! Plus I have several toasty hoodies already.

4.  Proper technology for tracking your fantasy team.

We have two laptops, a smart tv, an iPad and two iPhones, so IDK guys, hopefully we are covered!

5.  We got some team spirit gear for Barley.  (not mandatory, but highly obnoxious and recommended.)

Umm we just ordered this for Barley and I'm so excited even though he will probably hate it.  Find a ton of teams here at Sew Crafts by Sam

6.  Have appropriate TV channels set up for watching as many games as possible.  Or multiple TVs. 

This is not our home.  But I bet Bryan wishes it was. 

7. Embrace your personal game-day rituals.  

Nothing beats being at the field with your fellow fans!

But if you can't do that...
 just shotgun a beer with your husband every time the 49ers score on the Packers in the playoffs.

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  1. come make me all of the mac n cheeeeese, please.


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