Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Messing Up His Proposal Plan {wedding wednesday}

So, my lady love Lauren posted her engagement story and so now I have to as well!  Hers is so great and well-thought out and planned beautifully, and she didn't do anything crazy to mess hers up!  And ours is the exact opposite, so here we are.

See, showing off my empty left hand two months pre-engagement!

Basically, it was April 2011, and I had sort of given up on the idea that we were going to get engaged any time soon.  Bryan was working at a job he didn't love, we had decided to move in together in July, with me moving from Chicago back to WI, and commuting to school a few nights a week there...basically we were busy!  So I imagined we would get engaged in 2012, when I was done with grad school.

I would say, and Bryan would probably agree that I ruined his proposal scheme a little bit.

He said he was going to come pick me up the Thursday evening before Easter in Chicago because he had off on Good Friday.  So, we were all set for that to happen, and then earlier that week I started having bad panic attacks, so I went to the doctor on Wednesday, and got a slew of news from them and basically needed to slow down a little.  I was working part time, interning part time, going to grad school full time, and in general had a lot happening that year. 

So, I decided to go home early, and I left Wednesday night. 

Well, that was all good and fine for me, but poor Bryan had been planning to propose when he came and picked me up that Thursday evening. 

All of a sudden I was back in Wisconsin, and he had to re-configure everything.  At this time, he was working 4 am to noon every day in a lab, and so we planned to go out to lunch on Thursday.  His dad had recently finished a total renovation of an empty house that Bryan's church wanted to sell, and his mom was the realtor for it.  

We were on our way to lunch, and Bryan said we had to stop at the house to make sure that everything was ok there, just check in on it for his mom and dad.  This was a pretty normal thing for us to do, especially since no one had been there in a while, and the reason it was gutted was due to a pipe burst and resulting flood damage, so obviously no one wants that happening again.

Obviously, no one expects to get engaged in a model home, but that's exactly what happened.  We were upstairs, and Bryan stopped me and gave me a big hug and said he was sorry I had had such a bad week, but he that he loved me and would always be here, and that we were going to spend our lives together.

So my response was, "I know, I know, we've talked about this before..."  Basically I blew it off because we had talked about getting engaged a lot at this point, and I really didn't think it was going to happen for a while.

Oh but hi, then he was down on one knee!  And omg, he is asking me to marry him!  So I said yes, and he stood up, and we were hugging and kissing, and I said, "Are you serious, you're not joking?"  And then he got out the ringbox, and BAM!

obligatory crappy ring pic from a Blackberry!

So then we were engaged!  We eventually made it to lunch and had celebratory beers, of course.  The next day we took this picture, the obligatory left hand out photo.

Eventually, we did get real pictures taken:


So if you have a great engagement story where you did or didn't blow up your fiance's plans, share it!

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  1. lol I love it! Bravo to him for reworking his plans!

    Here's my story, since you asked! :)

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