Friday, September 6, 2013

I did nothing this week? {5 on Friday}

I wouldn't really "high five" myself over any of this....I seriously feel like work was crazy-busy, I was running slow all week, and my whole right side of my jaw hurts.  Yes, so here I am bitching about it. Without further complaints about life, here is a list of five factual things that happened this week!

1.  Booked a place through Airbnb for our anniversary trip to New Orleans, which we will be on our way to two weeks from today.  Woo, NOLA here we come!  ((K I am actually pretty psyched about getting this done this week, so maybe it wasn't a wash after all.))

Isn't this place the cutest?  Kind of eccentric, really cozy looking, and I'm a sucker for a chandelier.  Not to mention the cost of this WHOLE apartment is about half of what we would have paid for two nights at a nice hotel in the French Quarter, and I think we will get a better, more local experience this way too!  

2.  ONE WEEK from right meow, I will be departing for Nashville for one of my best friend's bachelorette parties!  SO EXCITED!  I will be rooming with this amazing broad pictured below, who is just "my person" when it comes to so many things. The insane texts about places you just don't check in on on Foursquare (your ob-gyn office, fyi), the knowing looks about when it's time to run away from crazy people, the sneaking of shots when we are out, it's all so perf.  Baby Nippy & Baby G reunited!!  

Sometimes we play "baby simba" with pavers we "borrow" from sidewalks. And ICE each other, and climb steel moose, and make faces on Cinco.   Ya'll can look forward to quality photos after Nashville.  

3.  Our pup is recovering nicely from his neutering a week ago and is getting his stitches out tomorrow.  Followed by a dog park trip probs!  He is super energetic, and I think we will see some behavior improvements eventually as a result of getting him neutered.  Listen to Bob Barker people, always spay and neuter your pets!

4.  Team Luckness Monster is hoping for total domination this week in FF!  Really gonna be riding the fast cleats of my running backs to victory I think.  I took this screenshot when I still had some points from the Raven's defense...pretty sure I'm negative now.  Is that even possible?  Who let me manage my own team?! 

5.  And finally, some motivation for everyone having trouble finding their stride, myself included here:

Cheers to the freakin weekend, everyone! I know I will be unwinding with some extra sleep, and an extra glass of wine tonight!! 

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  1. Such a fun post! I have a feeling we'd have a ball together. And the thing is, your so energetic and fun that you'd be a great person to break me out of my shell :) That is the cutest little place. We've been to New Orleans once (like actually walked around, we've been through there many times!) but it was hard to get the great feel of it. We arent exactly "city" or night life type of people. Well because we dont have that around here. We did go down bourbon street. Interesting to say the lease! Anyway, I love all the charm the place holds. And thank you, that quote actually does give me motivation. I need to get some exercise in!


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