Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Being An Adult {sorta, kinda, maybe}

Most of the time, I feel like 26 (ok 27 in 30 days) is a weird age.  I'm married, we have good jobs, we have our pup, and we're pretty pulled together.  Despite that, I still get raging hangovers, shop at Forever 21 when the mood hits, and eat two bowls of cereal as dinner if no one else is around.  So I'm an adult, obviously, but I don't feel like I'm "all the way" there.

Britney knows what I mean.  

There are a lot of ways to know if you're a kinda, sorta, semi-adult, and today we are going to do everyone's favorite thing and LIST some of those things that I have noticed make me realize that I'm actually an "adult" now, you know, most of the time.

1.  You have a "real" job. No more student work or selling weird lotions at the mall kiosk for you!  Although I'd add that maybe it's not your perfect job, the best use of your talents, or what you plan on doing forever, and I think that's perfectly fine.

2.  Hangovers are b r u t a l.  You often find yourself suffering for days after birthdays, NYE, and random/accidental drunken escapades.  ((I am very nervous about this upcoming bachelorette weekend in Nashville...literally thought in my morning meeting Monday that in a week I would be in the same meeting, only exhausted and gross.))

3.  You love looking at homes online--HAR.com (Houstonians only), Zillow, Trulia, Houzz, Pinterest, etc. You also watch more HGTV than you know what to do with.  This is probably time you used to spend on Facebook pouring over other people's pictures.

Here are a handful of the 50 pins I have on my "exteriors" board....I mean, really?

4.  To piggyback #3, you suddenly care about your credit score, how much is in savings, and regret that Express card in college.  Honestly, I don't think you can even be a half-adult unless you consider at least one of these things on a semi-regular basis...like you pay attention to your money and not in an "Ohhh hope I don't overdraw, oh well doing it anyways!" kinda way.

5.  You are constantly trying to find the line between dressing age-appropriate but not looking like a tween or a mom.  Like, I don't wanna wear booty shorts anymore.  I just want shorts that cover my butt, but don't have a 9-inch inseam.  

6.  You feel the need to set life goals via lists like "30 before 30" or "shit I said I'd get better at or learn in 2013!"  And then you follow up on at least some of those life goals, and then some, you just ignore and pretend they were never even thoughts.

I went light and picked 30 before 30, giving myself ample time to screw this list up if I so choose to:

7.  You can't recklessly chow down on junk food anymore.  There was a time and place when I could eat McDonald's after the bar 4 nights a week, eat endless loaves of bread, never work out, and wear a size 8.  This was a good time, and I didn't even know it. 

8.  Everyone you know is having kids or is suddenly not horrified by the prospect of having kids. I mean, I'm still a little horrified, but from what I hear on the streets this is a "thing" people my age are "doing".

I have a lot of friends having their first child this fall, and I'm thrilled for all of them!  It just isn't my thing for now...you know got that whole 30 for 30 list keeping me busy so I'm cool.

To sum it all up, obviously Mindy Kaling can do no wrong, and this weird time in life is no exception:

Let us ride into the night or day as hot messes, friends!  Buy a house or rent, have kids or pass on them, be single or married, work at a job you loveeee or a job that pays your bills!  Run that marathon, or fake a knee injury, have four martinis on a Wednesday if you want!  And answer your crazy relative's questions about all of those things with a look and a long sip of your drink.  Because there is no right or wrong when you're a sorta, kinda adult.

What life changes have made you feel like a "sort of adult"?!  Or am I nuts and the only person out there who thinks like this? Either way, let me know!


  1. So hilarious! This is basically my life all the time. While I refuse to give up my booty shorts, I will be cancelling my abercrombie card soon and everytime I buy something at Forever I think "Can I also wear this work maybe?" Ahh it's so scary. I have also been stalking Zillow for possible houses that I want to buy all while trying to complete my 25 before 25 list! The struggle, right?!

  2. I feel this exact same way. I was just thinking about it the other day like am I an adult now?

  3. bahah! Thank you for describing my life crisis. I can never decide whether I can still shop in the juniors dept anymore... Then I look around, all guilty like, and still go there.

  4. Haha yep. I'll be 29 in November and I still think this way!

  5. growing up is hard, but daummm my dream home is perfect on pinterest.

  6. All of these, but really 5,7, and 8. Also, Office Space and Mindy Kaling.

    I care about saturated fat. I mentally calculate how many hours of sleep I am going to get each night based on projected wake-up time. I change a litter box without being asked. I don't ask how much that drink at the bar is; I just order it because even if it's a small fortune, I at least know the money is in the bank!

  7. Well, that list perfectly describes my life. Thank you! Maybe I'll make a 30 before 30... just to ignore some of it.

  8. britney!!
    i'm 31 and i still feel this way. i'm starting to think it never goes away

  9. Boo to being an adult. I'm 30 which means my list would be a frightening 40 before I'm.... 40?!?!?!


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