Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words {wedding wednesday}

Today I wanted to talk about some of the photos I'm especially happy I have, because as a bride or groom, there are a lot of details you miss, and also a lot of photos you'll wish you had of moments at the end of the day.

I loveee so many of ours, but going through them now, 11 days ahead of our anniversary, it's fun to realize which pictures I really like!  I'm also excited about photos, because at the end of the month, Ms. Meg from Everyday Meg and Meg Cady Photography is taking our one year anniversary photos!  Cannot wait to share those on here.

One of my "fluffing"--we have a whole lot of these actually!

An overview of the church mid-ceremony

The second after we walked down the aisle.

Our second kiss as husband and wife!

"Wedding stuff"--ok the details you spent months planning, but might forget about:

Low centerpieces & tablescape

My bouquet with dad's tie wrapped!

Centerpieces & tablescapes

Champagne glasses two of my bridesmaids got us, chargers, placecards, etc.

Multiple shots of your cake--we have about 30 I bet.  And I love them all!

Close-ups are important too!

I am so happy that we had the time to take photos in multiple places--church, the woodsy area behind church, and throughout downtown Milwaukee--near the river, in an alley, on the street, etc.  And there was still time to hit up a bar too!

Church photos, with the veil fully extended and showcased.  

Something a little closer.  Through the trees.

More urban from our downtown shoot--these were probably my favorites.

If you can, one with a team mascot you love!  Go Badgers!

Casually walking and talking and laughing.

Close up and being weird together

Further out, more romantic, with my veil wrapped around us.

Finally, the last batch I'm so happy we have are huge overview photos of our room.  I think the place we had our reception was one of my favorite things about our wedding--the room is huge and beautifully lit, and just gorgeous.  

Empty, pre-guest arrival

During our first dance

During dinner, everyone is seated

Dancing!  Always, always get pics of the dancing :)

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  1. love all of these. especially love that you used your dad's tie. genius and presh

  2. The veil! The room! The city shots! So much to love. Also, your dad's tie. Love it all! Happy almost one year!

  3. LOVE your pictures! It is so nice to have pictures of the details and moments that you may not have noticed that day. I love the pic with the team mascot. We took a picture with all the Penn State alumni at your wedding holding a school banner.

    I nominated your blog for the Liebster Award =)

  4. LOVE these photos! So pretty :)

  5. Aww these pictures are so great! I love them all so so much. And details are so important to have pictures of. All those months of planning for what? Yea, I will be right there with you on wanting to remember every little detail. Love this idea!

    Thanks so much for linking up with us!

  6. I love it! I am looking for a photographer now and your pics gave me so many ideas! They are so pretty!

  7. These photos are breathtaking! I am especially fond of the urban pictures and lakeside pictures. Can't wait to see your anniversary shoot!

  8. LOVE the purple and your dad's tie around your bouquet! What a fantastic idea!

  9. These are all lovely! Thanks for sharing them.


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