Monday, September 9, 2013

Puppy in a Bow Tie {weekend recap.}

It's going to seem like all we did this weekend is hang out with Barley. And that's pretty much 100% right.

As promised, here is puppy in a bow tie:

We ordered this on Etsy for him for our one year anniversary photos.  He looks so dapper and handsome!  And the best part is that he didn't even mind wearing it.

This is my ideal Sunday.  Packers on tv (but they win), reading the Sunday paper, wearing leggings and being comfy, big mug of Spaten Oktoberfest for me, and getting some nail polishing done.

This is a beer I "found" last fall. I love, love, love it! It just totally tastes like fall to me. If you like beer, I highly recommend trying it!

I really wanted to do a fall color for my mani. So I tried a pretty dark red Saturday night. But it just felt wronggg.  It's still 90 outside, people were boozing at the pool all weekend at our building, and the Mosquitos are in full-force mode.  So I went with nude.  Because it's fall-ish. Sorta? Right?

Even if it isn't, I guarantee this candle will force fall into your life:

It is "autumn" from Bath & Body Works.  I am truly obsessed with how it smells and Bryan likes it too, so that's a win!  It's like being at an apple orchard with a bonfire going with some pumpkin pie being baked somewhere and all this time you're on a beautiful walk with crunchy leaves everywhere!

Maybe the change of season is affecting the pup, because Barley was extra into putting his head on our shoulders this weekend:

This is my new phone background-I mean my two boys, how could it not be?

He was sooo sleepy in this pic.  Probably had something to do with back to back dog park visits! 

He is pretty well-behaved in the car on the way there:

Looking a little sassy here's those crazy-ass ears of his! 

Chasing after his new GS friend.

I didn't get as many pics as I would have liked, but we went Saturday and Sunday.  He loved every second of it!  Sunday he got to meet a Great Dane, which was hilarious because Barley thought he could run fast until he tried keeping up with Dutch. 

Everyone there was super nice and even though he needed a bath both days afterwards, we had a good time too!  It's nice to let out city pup run free and be a true puppy! 

Hope everyone had a great weekend! 


  1. What a fun weekend! Where is the dog park you go to? I'm in Houston as well but have not yet ventured to the dog park with our pups.

  2. Your dog is just too cute!

  3. OMG love him posing in his tie. And now I need that candle, even though I maybe just bought six others from B&BW last weekend. Have you seen the Target "Aaron It Out" shirt? I think you need it. Totally thought of you when I saw it!

  4. Barley is extremely cute in his bow tie!! And I LOVE the Autumn scent. I'm so ready for fall!!

  5. Your puppy is SO cute!! And I love the nude polish :)

  6. so pumped for fall beer! G&G had a pumpkin beer out already !

  7. Barley is too cute in his tie! He just steals the spotlight in all the pictures doesn't he? I love the nude nails, BTW!


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